Rihanna’s Experience with Domestic Abuse

Hey, my name is Megan, and I am interested in domestic abuse and all of the aspects that lead up to domestic abuse, signs of domestic abuse, and how to get out of a relationship where a woman is being abused. My mother is a teacher and has seen many signs of domestic abuse multiple times in her pre-school classroom. This topic is very important and is occurring more often than people think.

One of the most common cases of domestic abuse that has recently been all over the news and is well-known in pop culture is the case of Chris Brown hitting his girlfriend, Rihanna. In a news clip on 20/20, she describes her relationship with Chris, what happened the night of February 7, 2009, how she feels now about that night and how she feels about him, and her family life. The night of February 7, 2009, they went to a party for the Grammys and on the way home she confronted him about a text message she found on his phone from an ex-girlfriend. She asked him about it, and lied to her and she wouldn’t let it go. The verbal fight eventually changed into the fight becoming physical. He shoved her head into the window, bit her finger and ear, punched her in the face, and even put her into a head lock to the point where she had trouble breathing. The entire time they were both sober, and he knew exactly what he was doing. Chris was her first true love and her best friend. She doesn’t like the looking at the pictures from that night, and she doesn’t like thinking about that night because it is painful to think about and was a horrible experience that she never wants to remember. She promised herself that she would never put herself in the same situation that her mother had to go through. Her mother was abused by her father multiple times, and many of the times it happened in front of Rihanna. In an interview that follows up this interview she states that a woman will not leave her husband or boyfriend until after about eight or nine times of being abused. She loves him still and hopes for him to learn from his mistakes for in the future, but she still loves him. That is the reason why she went back to him after he had beaten him up, but she does not want to be the reason why so many girls go back to their abusive boyfriends or husbands. She does not want any girl to go through what she did. Rihanna is a strong woman and it can happen to her too, even though she has money and fame. Domestic abuse happens every day, to women all over the world; it just isn’t exposed like Rihanna’s case of domestic abuse.


If you would like to watch the interview that Diane Sawyer had with Rihanna, click on the link below.



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