Victims Speak Out


I came across this video clip, and it really hit me strong on an emotional level. These people spoke out about their abuse, and their abusers. A wife, a husband, and a daughter tell their stories about how they were abused and how it has affected them. The wife explains how her abuser, her husband, would give her gift after gift to show how sorry he is for hitting her. She was excited to see what she would receive next from him, and loved getting gifts. I don’t think that diamond earrings or cruise or kind of materialistic object could make the physical and emotional effects of abuse go away. This may be a reason why women try to convince themselves that the abuse is fine; they tell themselves that “He loves me. He wouldn’t be so apologetic, and he wouldn’t buy me these nice things if he didn’t love me.” Those gifts are just another way to reel them back in.


A husband tells his story about how he was abused by his wife. It isn’t as common to hear about the male in the relationship being abused. He mentions how his wife hit him in the head with a curling iron causing a big hematoma on his forehead, and she laughed about it. The person that he loved, the woman he has children with, his best friend would abuse him emotionally causing anxiety disorder and other physical symptoms.


The daughter explains how her mother was abused by her father for quite a while, until they finally called the police after her father had beaten her mother to the point where her face was blue and black. After getting out of jail, he never laid a hand on her again, but it went on long enough that the daughter promised herself that she would never want to be involved in a relationship with a man like her father.

If you would like to check out this video clip, click on the hyperlink below.

 Victims of domestic abuse speak out


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