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A lot of the time when women leave an abusive relationship, they are left with nothing. There is a local organization that helps women start to rebuild their lives once they have left their abusive relationship and has been left with nothing; this organization is Fresh Start of Indiana. Fresh Start wants to help women like Cynthia Washington, who was in an abusive relationship for eleven years and decided it was time to leave once her husband once he tried to kill her. When she left him, she had absolutely nothing and turned to Fresh Start for help. Fresh Start supplied her with everyday items that we may take for granted on a day to day basis like clothes, dishes, furniture, and a sofa.

I think this organization is simply amazing. They are the people who support the women who just leave an abusive relationship and are left with absolutely nothing. They are there to assure the women that they are there for them and not worry about trying to find daily necessities. The organization would prefer the women worry about bigger situations that they are dealing with instead of the little things. I think this organization is doing great things and is lifting a burden off of many women’s shoulders.

If you want to visit the website where I found this news article, click on the link below.

Agency gives domestic violence victims a Fresh Start


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