National Domestic Violence Hotline and Violence in Teen Relationships

I found the National Domestic Violence Hotline website that provides the number for anonymous and confidential help 24/7. This website also provides a quick escape button, just in case someone in an abusive relationship is getting information and their abusive partner comes in the room and they need a quick escape to another website, so they aren’t caught looking up information on how they can get help. The quick escape button takes you to Google’s homepage. This website also includes many articles that are associated with domestic violence and abusive relationships.

Click on the link below to go to this website:

The National Domestic Violence Hotline

One of the first articles that I watched and read about was an article that Katie Couric hosted on CBS News. The purpose of this article is to make people more aware of abusive relationships, but not only adult relationships, but also teenage relationships. “In a 2008, dating abuse survey, 29% of teens reported abuse.” It is more common than people think it is. Katie Couric interviews a couple of girls that were in an abusive relationship and thought the beatings were part of a “normal” relationship. One of the girls tells about how she met a cute boy in one of her high school classes and thought everything was normal at first, but soon noticed that he was controlling and that soon spiraled into the relationship to being abusive. After that he then started stalking her, this situation could happen to any teenage girl. Every girl wants to date the cute boy that sits two rows in front of her in her math class. Situations of teen abuse are just as common as abusive relationships that occur in adult relationships.

Click on the link below to go to this article:

Katie Couric Addresses Escalating Violence Seen in Teen Relationships


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  1. Julia Fallon on

    I was in an abusive relationship and i was unable to find help. I was too ashamed to tell anyone, i felt that if i was to say anything about it and people became aware of what i was involved in then that would make me look weak. I am a very strong woman and i thought that i could stop him and change him, them one day i just got up and left i had to, in order to save me and my baby. I also did not want people to think badly of my lover. I think that programs should be made to help reach out to them.

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